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Window ! size, shape, location & number

Window! size, shape, location & number 

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Selection of size, shape, location and number of window to be provided in a room depends on the following factors

  1. Size of room
  2. Location of room
  3. Architectural requirement 
  4. Utility of room
  5. Direction of wind
  6. Climatic consideration like humidity, temperature variation, etc.

Following rules may be observed while deciding the size of the window

  • This total area of window opening = 10 to 20 per cent of the floor area of a room
  • In hot and arid regions, opening = 15 per cent of the area of a room
  • In hot and humid regions, opening =   15  to 20 per cent of an area of a room.
  • In case of a public building like schools, offices hospitals, etc. A minimum area of window = 20 per cent of floor area
  • As adequate natural light, area of glass panels = 8 per cent of floor area

Some points to be kept in mind while making provision for windows in a room