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How to Starting Design Development

Starting Design Development

Distinguish your market also the person yourself targeting.

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The idea of Starting Design Development

  • Once you know who your purpose is, you can distinguish your concept or inspiration. 
  • It can be anything from colour, a period in time, a structure or architecture, a smell, a quote, a muse… 
  • Once you have known your concept or inspiration, the next step is to research everything touching it, like you did for your target customer. 
  • Distinguish the season you are designing for Spring/Summer, Resort/Cruise, Fall/Winter, Pre-Fall, etc.

Colours of Starting Design Development

  • While yourself doing your examination, start collecting a series of pictures from which you can draw a mood also key colours.
  • Each mood furthermore important colours will be used as a reference for choosing the fabrics that will be appropriate for the season including the market you are designing for. 
  • Once you have that, know shapes or silhouettes inside the mood also pictures collected. 
  • Begin by experimenting with the shapes, silhouettes including colour fabric combinations through a series of sketches. 
  • If you approach this point, you have formally started the design development process.

Textiles of Starting Design Development

  • Each design development method is where you put your creativity proceeding paper. 
  • During this process, ask yourself questions like are there clean lines in your concept...? Or should there be a print...? Take silhouettes and play with different shapes and volumes. 
  • Alternatively, take a simple shape like a triangle or a rectangle including seeing how you can play around with it so it fits on the body.
  • Move back and forth between sketches also experimenting with fabric on the mannequin.
  • As a sculptor, there is no right either wrong way to the design development process. 
  • That should be fun for you and a time for you to actually express yourself and experiment.
  • Just make sure you have exhausted all your ideas before the editing process begins. From 50 sketches to 25 to 15. 
  • Remember to use the best work that conveys your story and is well merchandised.