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Explain a Type Qualifiers

type qualifiers

Type Qualifiers

Q) List four type qualifiers.

  • A type qualifier is written along with declaring a variable. If specifies the additional qualification of the variable. Following are the type qualifiers in C:
  • const   signed    unsigned   long   short   volatile
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For e.g 
  • unsigned int K;
  • unsigned specify that we want the variable without a sign. It does not allow negative values. So variable ‘K’ can contain only a positive value.

Creating Constants

Q) Explain with an example of how constants are created.

  • A constant is an entity whose value cannot be changed during the execution of the program. In C constants are created using const keyword. Following is the syntax for creating constantly.
  • Const data_type constant_name = value;
  • const int MAX = 30;
  • const float PI = 3.14;

Q) Write a program to accept the radius of the circle. Calculate & display the area & circumference of the circle

#include <stdio.h>
void main()

const float PI=3.14;  /* PI is constant */
int r;
float area, circum;
printf(“enter values of radius : “);
scanf(“%d”, &r);
area = PI*r*r;
circum = 2*PI*r;
printf(“nArea = %f”, area);

printf(“nCircumference = %f”, circum);
Enter values of radius: 10
Area = 314.000000
Circumference = 62.800000

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