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Computer System and Process

types of computer systems

Organization of computer system


Q) explain the organization of a computer system with a neat labelled diagram.

  • Input Device (input unit)- The input unit is the device used to enter data and instructions into the computer. the data read from an input device is stored in the computer’s memory. Some common input devices are; a keyboard, mouse, scanner, joystick, light pen etc.
  • Output device(output unit)- The device that receives or displays the output generated by the computer is called an output device. the various output devices are; monitors, printers, plotters, speakers, etc.
  • A central processing unit (CPU)- The control unit(CU) and Arithmetic logic unit(ALU)  are jointly called a central processing unit(CPU). The CPU is also referred to as the processor or brain of the computer. All the computer is done according to the given instructions within the CPU. The speed of the computer depends on the clock frequency of the microprocessor.

Input-process-output cycle

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Q) Explain the input-process-output cycle of the computer system.

  • The computer performs a sequence of events to accomplish the given task. these events are input, process, output and storage. This sequence forms a cycle called “input-process-cycle”


  • Input is the process of collecting raw data from the outside world.
  • Some input unit is the device used to enter data also instructions within the computer.
  • Some common input devices are a keyboard, mouse, scanner, joystick, video camera & microphone.


  • The data received from input devices will be processed in the central processing unit(CPU).
  • CPU consists of an Arithmetic logical unit and control unit.
  • The arithmetic unit is responsible for performing arithmetic operations like+,-,*, and %. The logical unit performs logical operations like <,>==,!=.
  • The control unit coordinates the activities of various components of the computer.


  • A storage device holds information.
  • The information on the computer must be stored for a long time so that it can be retrieved at any time.
  • Such information can be stored in a hard drive, pen drives, CDs, DVDs etc.4)


  • The output is the process of transmitting processed information to the outside world.
  • The output is generated by means of an output device.
  • Some common output devices are monitor, printer, speakers and plotters.

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Computer System and Process

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