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Computer Problem Solving


  • Some computer is an electronic device that performs arithmetic also logical operations.
  • The computer accepts that data including instruction, process the instruction over the input data also gives the output.

Characteristics of  Computer

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Q) describe the essential characteristics of a computer.

  • Automatic-  A computer is an automatic electronic machine because once started on the job, it will carry on until the job is finished without any human interaction.
  • Speed- The computer can work very fast at high speed. it takes only a few seconds for calculations that a human being takes hours to complete. speed of a computer is calculated in terms of instructions per second; a powerful computer is capable of performing millions of instructions per second.
  • Accuracy- a computer is very accurate, reliable and robust. it never makes a mistake. mostly error occurs due to wrong data or instruction given by the user.
  • Diligence- diligence is the ability of a computer to perform a repetitive task with the same accuracy consistently without tiredness. i.e. it is free from monotony, tiredness and lack of concentration.
  • Versatility- computer is capable of performing a variety of tasks ranging from very simple to very complex
  • Storage/memory- The computer can store a large amount of data which can be accessed as and when required by the user. it supports two types of memories primary and secondary. Data stored can be in the form of alphabetical, pictorial, audible, video etc.
  • Reliable- All operations performed by computer and results given by it are reliable. it cannot perform any task on its own without the user’s request.
  • Emotionless- the computer is an emotionless device. it doesn’t have a feeling like taste, choice, ego etc.
Computer Problem Solving

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