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3 types of Blood Vessels in the body

Blood Vessels These are hollow tubular vessels in which the blood flows. Blood arteries are essential for controlling blood flow,
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The Magic of Heart Sounds

The Magic of Heart Sounds What is the advantage of a heartbeat? First Sounds (lubb) Second Sound (dub or dup)
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Hypertension | Hypotension | Cardiac output

Hypertension |  Hypoension | Cardiac output HYPERTENSION HYPOTENSION CARDIAC OUTPUT Thus, The cardiac output can be calculated by the formula
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The Blood Pressure | Pulse Pressure

Blood Pressure | Arterial Blood Pressure | Pulse Pressure | Factors Affecting Blood Pressure BLOOD PRESSURE ARTERIAL BLOOD PRESSURE There
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How Oxygen Blood flow in Heart

Circulation of Oxygenated Blood (Systemic Circulation): The pulmonary veins allow oxygenated blood from the lungs to return to the heart,
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External structure of the human heart

Human heart It is dark red and is enclosed in a double-layered pericardium. The outer is fibrous pericardium while the
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Internal structure of Human heart

The internal structure of the human heart This valve allows the blood to flow from the inferior vena to the
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