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Hypertension | Hypotension | Cardiac output

Hypertension |  Hypotension | Cardiac output



  • The decrease in the blood pressure than the normal range of blood pressure is called is also called as low blood pressure. in this, both systolic and diastolic values of blood pressure are less than the normal values.
  • Hypotension is produced due to less volume of blood in the body. it is also dangerous because such a person may get heart failure or attack.
Hypertension |  Hypotension | Cardiac output, heart, human heart, circulation, blood Pressure


Thus, The cardiac output can be calculated by formula as, cardiac output=heart rate x stroke volume.=72×70=5040ml.
Thus, The cardiac output of the normal man is about 5litres pr minute.
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Hypertension |  Hypotension | Cardiac output

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