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The Magic of Heart Sounds

The Magic of Heart Sounds

  • The sounds produced by the heart during each heartbeat are called heart sounds.
  • The heart produces two sounds, Which can be heard with the help of a stethoscope as lubb and dub or dup.
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What is the advantage of a heartbeat?

First Sounds (lubb)

  • The first sound is produced during ventricular contraction. It is known as a systolic sound. This sound is low, dull, and last longer. It is heard with a stethoscope as a club.

Second Sound (dub or dup)

  • The second sound is produced at the beginning of ventricular relaxation or diastole. It is known as a diastolic sound. This sound is sharp and short. It is heard with a stethoscope as a dub or dups.

Third Sound (hiss)

  • Normally heart does not produce any other sound than lubb and dub or dup., but in a certain abnormal condition, the heart produces a third sound known as murmurs. It is heard with a stethoscope as a hiss. The third sound is produced due to the leaking of the blood or incomplete closing of valves or vibrations.

Thus the heart sounds are denoted as lubb – dub or lubb – dub – hiss or lubb – hiss – dub.