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Problems Created | Effects of Population

Problems Created Due to Population Explosion or Effects of Population Explosion

 The various important effects of population explosion are,

Problems Created Explosion Effects of Population 2024
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Problems of the food supply in the Population

  • In India the rate of population growth is far more than the rate of food grain production, so the rate at which the population is increasing there is a continuous increase in the prices of food. Demand is more significant than supply; therefore there is an increase in the prices of food grains. The shortage of food supply also causes problems of malnutrition and starvation, which leads to health and social problems.
  • In the case of acute shortage, food grains need to be imported which results in the loss of valuable foreign exchange, thus a shortage of food supply results in the loss of the national economy.
  • Unless the population growth is checked, an increase in agricultural products alone is not going to improve the food situation.

Problems of Housing or accommodation our Population

  • Housing is one of the basic needs of life besides food and clothing, with the increase in population the man/land ratio is highly disturbed, resulting in a shortage of housing facilities.
  • Housing facilities both in rural and urban areas are insufficient, in villages more space is available yet there are no facilities for suitable housing, so people live in mud huts.
  • Due to urbanization and industrialization, there is a steady flow of people from villages to cities, as a result of which, in cities problem of accommodation becomes critical.
  • The construction of a large number of low-quality houses in limited areas is bringing health and pollution problems.
  • When new houses are constructed, agricultural land turns into non-agricultural and leading to a reduction in food production.
  • Many important forests have been cleared to construct more houses, which results in an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Problems of Health in the Population

  • Health is directly related to the food supply, accommodation, sanitation, and medical facilities, so overpopulation leads to an insufficient food supply and makes the population weak and susceptible to diseases.
  • Crowding also helps in spreading communicable diseases and leads to health problems.
  • Medical facilities available to every person are insufficient, particularly in rural areas, which leads to health problems.
  • The government of India has taken several steps to improve the health standard by increasing the number of doctors, trained staff, hospitals, medical facilities, and primary health centres in rural areas. Still, the health standard is not improved up to the expectation, because the population growth rate is higher than the facilities given.

Problems of a Standard of Living in the Population

  • Living standard usually refers to the style and quality of living. Living standard depends on various factors like income, food supply, educational and medical facilities, and employment, but the main factor is the income of every individual.
  • An increase in population decreases the per capita income of an individual.
  • In Major India, the population is malnutrient due to the shortage of food supply.
  • Low income does not allow people to buy the necessities of life and therefore people live substandard life.
  • More than 65% of the population in India is illiterate and does not know how to make the best use of available resources to improve living standards.
  • In short, Indians are living substandard life as compared to other developed countries, the reason behind this is the population explosion.