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Application of Hydraulic Ram

Hydraulic Ram

  • This hydraulic ram is any pump that raises water without any external power during its operation.
  • When a large quantity of water is available at a small height a small quantity of water can remain raised to a greater height with the help of hydraulic ram.
  • It works at the principle of a water hammer.
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Fig. shows some main components of the hydraulic ram.

  • While the inlet valve fitted into this supply pipe is opened water starts dripping from the supply tank to this chamber which has two valves at B also C. The valve B is called a waste valve also valve C is called the delivery valve.
  • That valve C is filled into an air vessel.
  • Being the water is coming inside the chamber from the supply tank the level of water rises in the chamber including waste valve B starts moving upward.
  • Each stage comes when the waste valve B suddenly closes.
  • That sudden closure of the waste valve creates high pressure inside the chamber.
  • That high-pressure force opens every delivery valve C.
  • Some water from the chamber enters the air vessel and also compresses the air inside the air vessel.
  • Here compressed air exerts a force on the water in some air vessels including a small quantity of water is raised to a greater height as shown in Fig.
  • During the water in the chamber loses its momentum, the waste valve B opens in the downward direction including the flow of water from the supply tank starts flowing to the chamber also the cycle will be repeated.
Application of Hydraulic Ram

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