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Jet Pump Working Principle

Jet Pump

  • Construction Fig. shows an arrangement of a jet pump in a bore well.
  • Each jet pump consists of a conventional radial flow pump with a jet nozzle at the suction end.
  • This helps to increase suction lifts beyond the normal limit of about 8 m of water head.
  • With the use of the jet assembly, it is possible to increase the suction lift to 60 m.
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Working This working operation from the jet pump is as follows

  • The suction side is filled with water also the pump is started.
  • Some stream of high-pressure water from a specific delivery pipe of the pump remains allowed to flow through that suction jet nozzle. Some pressure energy of water is converted into kinetic energy due to which a local drop-in this pressure takes place. Due to this pressure drop suction remains created including water being sucked from the bore well. Here action ensures a considerably large supply of low-pressure water.
  • During the streams with different velocities mix (in this mixing zone), some pressure rise takes place in some mixing zone.
  • Behind the mixing zone, there is a diverging section where the further rise of pressure occurs due to a decrease in velocity.

Uses The fields of the jet pump are

  • A jet pump can be used to take out muddy water from excavation trenches
  • To lift water from wells of smaller bores
  • Employed in mining also for pumping oil
Jet Pump Working Principle

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