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What is Building Construction & Material (BCM)

Building Construction | Material (BCM)

  • Building construction and material is a traditional science which deals with the modern methods of sound construction incorporating suitable use of materials, sufficient strength and permanence, maximum utility ad good relationship and grace.
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  • Building construction and material provide an international conference for the dissemination of research also development in the field of construction and building material and their application in new works and repair practice.
  • Man requires different types of building for his activities: houses, bungalow and flats for his living; hospitals and health centres for his health; school, colleges and universities for his education; banks, shops, offices, buildings and factories for doing work, railway building, bus stations and air terminals for transportation; clubs, theatres and cinema houses for recreation and temples, mosques, churches, Dharamshala etc. for worship. Any type of the above building has its own requirements. These above building movements are an important indicator of the country's social progress.
  • Some building can be defined as a structure consisting of walls, floors including roof erected to provide a covered place for different uses such as residence, education, business manufacturing, storage, hospitalization, entertainment etc.

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